Leaders: Lead, engage, innovate, fight
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Leaders: Lead, engage, innovate, fight

The years invested in learning to be great leaders during volatile times, is the well we need to draw from, now more than ever. The coronavirus has shut down swaths of private business and is challenging business models on every level. In the U.S. alone, it put about 3 million people out of work in just a week. Government and leadership everywhere are grappling with problems they are not prepared for. There is no rule book for a global…

Business Investments

Our vision for a new decade

Two years ago, Divercity Urban Property Fund initiated a strategy to create thriving mixed-use inner-city precincts in Johannesburg City. This began with massive investments towards the rejuvenation of six blocks of the seedier side of the city – an area referred to as Jewel City for its history of once having been the heart of the diamond and precious metals trade in Johannesburg. Included in this urban renewal project was the redevelopment of the iconic ABSA Towers Main building…


Will power or habits, which is stronger?

With slogans like “Just Do It” (Nike) and “Declare Your Path” (New Balance), marketers encourage us to apply our sense of urgency, but, while there may be a lot of value in this kind of attitude to life, one can’t help but wonder if there is an alternative to using plain will power in order to gain self-control. Psychology today promotes a belief in self-control, but emotional self-regulation is a complex function, and as we’ve long known in psychotherapy,…

Business Strategy

Predictions for 2020

As the year draws to a close, let us reflect on some of the trends, influences and events that will make themselves felt in 2020 and help to shape the year. If the predictions made in a recent Forrester report prove true, 2020 will be a year of cost control and people-management challenges for CIOs. Next year, enterprises need to recognize technology’s potential to be a strategic force for driving innovation and competitive advantage. We need demand strategies because…


Collaboration with AI

“We’re entering the fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution. That early first wave was all about the steam engine which made possible trains and automation. The second wave of the industrial revolution was really about the introduction of electricity. The third wave of the industrial revolution was about computing and things going digital. And we all recognize those arcs. So, think back over those previous waves, right? Steam engine, electricity, computers, and now AI,” explains cultural anthropologist Genevieve Bell.…

Business Social Responsiblity Strategy

Take Climate Action

Every day that passes the world heats up a bit more. We are facing a challenge which is not insurmountable but which, without action, will grow beyond our control.


Beat Inertia and break through the barriers

Load- shedding, strikes, Moody’s pending downgrade, the economy, the GDP dropping by a massive 3.2% – these problems are enough to make us feel powerless. This depressing list could go on and on and the resulting sense of futility can paralyse us into inaction. Our inspiration fades and productivity drops. But it is exactly in times like these that we need to apply more effort and take bigger actions. So how do we overcome resistance and push our businesses…


Mayhem, Microsoft and Milestones for Entrepreneurs

Allow me to paint a little scenario that I believe characterizes the kind of the world we live in today. It is a time of great political and socio-economic uncertainty. There is an onslaught on civil liberties. People of colour are marginalized and discriminated against, socially and economically. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is less a gap and more a gaping, bottomless chasm. Unemployment is skyrocketing, along with inflation. Economic growth is non-existent. Urban decay, crime…

Business Strategy

How to survive a recession and an election, and prosper afterward

Recessions—defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth—can be caused by three things, or by some combination of the three.  First, the cause may be an economic shock, such as a spike in oil prices. Or the trigger may be financial panics, like the one that preceded the Great Recession, or finally, rapid changes in economic expectations. In 2018, South Africa experienced its first technical recession since the global financial crisis. This was at a time when the…

Agriculture Business


The Wild Life Ranching South Africa, which I represent is in agreement with the view that the “Rhinos of Africa are in a more precarious position than is generally realized and that an urgent paradigm shift is necessary to reverse their current march to extinction.” The statement that “rhinos will survive and thrive in the wild, where they, the rhinos can provide financially for their own protection, together with the long-term welfare of African parks and all that inhabit…