Take Climate Action
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Business Social Responsiblity Strategy

Take Climate Action

Every day that passes the world heats up a bit more. We are facing a challenge which is not insurmountable but which, without action, will grow beyond our control.

Business Investments Social Responsiblity

Fostering a thriving start-up ecosystem

After my recent participation in the Mentorship Challenge, I have given a lot of thought to the responsibility of leaders and entrepreneurs in our society. We play such a crucial role in fostering a spirit of growth in everything we do, and I owe a great debt of gratitude to those who have helped shape my career through today, so now I would like to give back. This year, I spent some time reflecting on what I could do…

Business Social Responsiblity

Being Uncomfortable for Change

The Sun International CEO SleepOut  2016 Have you ever asked yourself – am I truly a change agent? Will my actions help transform the world around me? When there are so many to give to, can you give and disconnect? Or do you ask yourself, like I do, does it really have to be like this? It is all too easy to become disheartened by the poverty that surrounds us. However, I believe that experiences, where you become a…