Predictions for 2020
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Predictions for 2020

As the year draws to a close, let us reflect on some of the trends, influences and events that will make themselves felt in 2020 and help to shape the year. If the predictions made in a recent Forrester report prove true, 2020 will be a year of cost control and people-management challenges for CIOs. Next year, enterprises need to recognize technology’s potential to be a strategic force for driving innovation and competitive advantage. We need demand strategies because…

Business Social Responsiblity Strategy

Take Climate Action

Every day that passes the world heats up a bit more. We are facing a challenge which is not insurmountable but which, without action, will grow beyond our control.

Business Strategy

How to survive a recession and an election, and prosper afterward

Recessions—defined as two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth—can be caused by three things, or by some combination of the three.  First, the cause may be an economic shock, such as a spike in oil prices. Or the trigger may be financial panics, like the one that preceded the Great Recession, or finally, rapid changes in economic expectations. In 2018, South Africa experienced its first technical recession since the global financial crisis. This was at a time when the…

Agriculture Business Strategy

Technology empowering small-scale farmers

Technology has an important role to play in empowering small-scale farmers to make their businesses more viable. Growing at more than 7 per cent per annum, the Agriculture sector is the soul of world’s economy, contributing 17 percent to South Africa’s GDP. Sixty percent of the world’s unused land is in Africa, and one must acknowledge the difference between South Africa and Africa north of the Limpopo, where smallholder farmers are predominantly responsible for 90% of the production. In…

Business Strategy

Influencers lead ideas; Leaders influence people.

Influence and persuasiveness, have always been recognized as important skills, often associated with those in sales, marketing, politics, and law. Today the ability to influence is seen as an essential criterion for successful leadership. What changes companies is leadership and if a leader wants to shift a company’s thinking they need influence. To action change, we need managers and staff driving the process, and for this happen you need to be able to influence them. If you want to…