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Born in Johannesburg, Tebogo Mogashoa grew up in Orlando West, Soweto in South Africa.
A 1996 engineering graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, Tebogo Mogashoa specialised in telecommunications engineering, systems integration and product enhancement. His entrepreneurial traits emerged early and he started a consulting engineering business ‘straight off campus’.
Tebogo’s subsequent success in business resulted from his visionary approach to business and the ability to combine strategic thinking with a healthy tolerance to ambiguity. Today, with over 20 years of experience as a successful businessman, underpinned by exceptional entrepreneurial vision and flair, he offers a unique approach to commerce and leadership in Africa.
Over the years he has grown his business interests into finance, property development, fleet management and information communication technology and owns a diversified investment holding company, with interests in commercial property, asset-based finance, factoring and invoicing and development funding.
His objectives as chairperson of the Talis Holdings Group, are long-term and pro-active, and that is why he identifies and invests in the growth sectors of the African economy.
Mr Mogashoa has been instrumental in the creation of several successful business start-ups, and has been particularly successful in the IT and property investment market. He is founder a, owner and/or shareholder number of companies, including:
• Talis Fleet (Pty) Ltd supplies fleet management and vehicle tracking services;
• Cloudseed (Pty) Ltd is a leading Internet Service Provider;
• Tebfin (Pty) Ltd is a financial services provider;
• Talis Property Fund (Pty) Ltd is engaged in property development

Tebogo has diversified into agriculture, investing both in the breeding of rare or endangered species of game, as well as in table grape production. In 2015, he purchased the Babirwa Game Breeding Lodge in Limpopo Province, which has yielded exceptional financial results in a very short time. Personally, Tebogo has become actively involved in supporting the game breeding industry in general and directly contributes to the protection of rare species in his role as President of the National Wildlife Ranching Organisation.

In this new world of digitally embedded business, Mogashoa considers synchronicity as the most powerful weapon we have in our arsenal. He believes shared knowledge holds exponential potential for linkages and breakthroughs in ways we are barely beginning to imagine.

Tebogo Mogashoa graduated with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, in 1996.
His innovative leadership and entrepreneurial skills saw him start out in business very early on in his youth soon after graduating from university. Mogashoa started a consulting engineering business ‘straight-off-campus’ and over twenty years later, has never looked back. From his consulting engineering business in the late 90’s, he has diversified into various other businesses, each of which has grown from strength to strength, whilst also partaking in the rest of the African Economy through investments within other countries in the continent. His success in business is underpinned by exceptional entrepreneurial forward-thinking vision and flair, which offers a unique approach to commerce and leadership.
Tebogo Mogashoa has invested in a diversified portfolio of sectors of the African Economy that include, but are not limited to, property, finance, infrastructure development, and agriculture. He is the founder of Talis Holdings, an investment holding company with a primary focus on unlocking business opportunities through investing in value-adding industries within the African Economy.
Mogashoa currently holds the following corporate positions: Talis Holdings – Chairman Divercity Property Fund – Chairman Atterbury Property Fund – Board Member Ascension Capital – Chairman Mogashoa is the President of Wildlife Ranching South Africa, an organization that represents over 2000 Commercial game farmers in South Africa. Through this position his objectives for his tenure include opening the wildlife and game farming industry to previously disadvantaged people in order to alleviate the continued socio-economic challenges that face South Africa.
He believes that with the right partnership between government and the private sector through programs like the Operation Phakisa Biodiversity Lab, all stakeholders can work together for the greater good of not only further unifying the country, but to also ensure the prosperity and well-being of all South Africans.